Monday, February 1, 2010


Maybe I made a rash decision. Maybe I was blind. Maybe I blinded myself. Or maybe everything just looks better from far away. Maybe I just didn't try stepping up closer. Maybe I don't appreciate what I have until I don't have it anymore. Maybe it's not having it that just makes me want it more. Maybe I'm far more fickle than I had thought. Maybe I screwed things up. Maybe I didn't give a chance to something that maybe could have been the best thing for me right now......maybe. Maybe making that mistake was the best thing anyways. Because maybe it's not always about what I want. Maybe it's much better, even if maybe it's not me who's better. Maybe I'll learn this time; maybe it's fate's lesson for me. Or maybe I'll be bitter because maybe it's God who's spiting me. Maybe it's time for me to leave. Maybe it was all my fault.

Maybe I really regret it now.

And maybe it's definitely
too late.


  1. Very deep. I love it. The pictures are amazing. You have a great blog going! I'll be following ...


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