Wednesday, February 24, 2010

High Frequencies

The world is vibrating with high-frequency waves.
It's on fire, and I can't see it.

I'm sinking into a vortex
cushioned with old book pages, the yellow edges lulling me to a restless sleep while chains of numbers circle around my head.

My brains are draining slowly from my ears
a little more each day,
leaking out in a slow trickle in the form of salted dreams and peppered words.
The schools of thought have bolted its doors for such a weary mind. But where else can I go?

Is this it?

Take me away, my dear fickle friend. Somewhere I'll be able to sleep for a hundred years and more.
Throw me on a ship to the place where clocks don't tick,
a place of no time, a place of no space, a place of no people.

Show me new life, new love,
a new world without these sound waves at high frequencies that I can't hear. Show me what it's like to not live in the future, running forever towards some unattainable object
that I'm being told to grasp.

Show me that there's more to life. Or show me that there's nothing there at all-

that eternity is just dark, empty space.

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