Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Blog about Blogs

You want a psychology lesson?

Read a blog.
There's no better way to get a tunneled view into someone's mind. There's no need to study insecurity or basis of fear or obscure influences of the subconscious. Pavlov, Jung and Freud? Screw them. Just log onto a blogsite and you've got a whole harvest of very complex psyches right at your fingertips.

I've been completely addicted to reading blogs since I've started my own. Which is absolutely fabulous.... Just what I need, right? Another addictive distraction to hack off more of my already limited and very precious time. But I'm very glad I did, because, apart from the obvious purpose of providing another artistic release for my congested brain stems, I can now revel comfortingly in the fact that no matter what sort of godforsaken crap is going on in my life, I am very, very far from being alone.

I've been sifting through probably hundreds of blogs by now, and I've been able to see and examine a lot of different types of people, though I won't pretend I understand half of them.

There are those who blog for honesty, to dump out all the truth they've accumulated onto a screen. There are those who blog for fun, to sieve out the rest of their beautiful personalities and traits, whether it's humor or incredible randomness. There are those who blog to vent, to relieve their hearts of anything, from a good day to a bad breakup.
There are those who blog for help, reaching desperately out to anyone in the web who will listen.

And there are those who blog for all of the above.

I've also realized that the most frequently read blogs are the ones with people who have or have had severe problems in life. Personal tragedy, severe health problems, major mental crises... you name it. Maybe it's because there's something about chaos that people soak up like sponges or maybe it's because chaos makes a person a better writer.
Granted, my existence is far from perfect, but if my life has to be that bad to be as amazing of a writer as some that I've seen, then I'll take what I have and I won't ask for more.

The blogosphere is an amazing and mysterious place to explore. When I'm on here, I don't feel like I'm wasting time. I just feel like I'm learning, and I've learned so much about people already in the short weeks that I've resided in this world. I can only hope that my views and the things that I write and will write will one day impact others as much as I've been impacted.

So with a grateful heart, I wish a happy blogging to you all, and I'd like to thank everyone who has written anything that I've read. You've given me a front-row view of your life, and even more importantly, your mind. It's a really big thing to give someone.

And if you're reading this, I'd like to thank you for helping me achieve my goal as well.


  1. Chaos inspires...that's what I think...

    Found your blog not too long ago and I think you should have more followers because you write beautifully!

    I'll have friends drop by...:)

  2. I've found the blogosphere much the same way as you have so eloquently described here. I didn't realize that it was a place to also form deep connections with people. I can counts several of the people that I have met here as true friends, because we've been connected by so many shared experiences. And that's a wonderfil thing.

    I also just read your profile again and love the "have an extra limb on my body, otherwise known as my coffee mug." I just wrote a blog post about what my life is like when I don't have any coffee in the morning. It involves a supply closet. Check it out if you are interested www.lolalakely.com.


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