Friday, January 29, 2010

A Soundless Sleep

A story for you


Words dropped out of your mouth like copper pennies that you threw on granite floors for the street urchins to scramble over,
Disguised as liquid velvet that dripped slowly out of my shower head.

You pried my bony ribcage open with a knife to fill it with sandbags of lust and gritty intrigue,
just as you had done to the others, and glued a magnet there to pulse with the beats
Of an organ I didn't know was there.

The pull of that metallic attraction drew me, and I donned my armored weaponry to stumble onto dry, staticky grasses of the battlefield. I violently fought the battles you threw in my lap
and quietly tucked my own away in a drawer.

The wind swept you from your sunken bed on that sultry night in the form of new bones, new flesh,
new blood.
A fresh body on which to practice your cruel and shameless art.

You left me on that electric operating table, white and slashed,
To pick up those small, steel needles to pin back together my shredded skin slowly,

So I'll take those tears like crystal drops that shatter in perfect spherical shards, reflecting the darkness like mirrored prisms
Night after night.
And I'll put them in my pocket.

And tomorrow, I’ll take them back out. I'll string them together like a rope of salty pearls
From which I'll hang you by your pretty neck.

Darling, you’ll never break another heart.


  1. Alluring for many reasons. The Psyche of the writer is an interesting subject is it not? I thoroughly enjoyed the adjectival steps, though I was more enchanted by the thought process that prompted the piece.
    Kindest Wishes

  2. I want to unravel.

    I've got to
    got to
    got to

    unravel you.


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