Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who Am I?

I've revealed nearly nothing about my external self on this blog. I've put up no pictures, no name, no information about my geographic location. I've only put up my thoughts, which can tell you a lot, I suppose. But if you are a stranger reading this right now, this is for you:

-I'm in school, preparing myself for more school. I won't tell you what kind of school, but I have a lot of school ahead of me.

-I don't live at home, technically. I probably will not live at home for a long time. If all goes as planned, I won't ever have to live at home again.

-My parents emigrated from China.

-My ideal jobs are either being a photographer for the National Geographic or being an editor for a very important newspaper. Interestingly enough, what I am studying/what I am planning to study has nothing to do with either of these.

-I am 175 cm tall and I weigh about 56.25 kg.

-I look awful with hats on, so I never wear them. I am in constant search of a hat that I can pull off. The day I find one will be a happy day indeed.

-I don't get along very well with authority. I don't like being told what to do. I don't like lack of autonomy.

-I have a younger sister who I love dearly, and also a much, much younger brother, who stole my birthday.

-I have two best friends, J., my soulmate for life, and K., my surrogate sister. They are living and breathing parts of myself.

-I despise the color orange and all modern-day punk rock boy bands.

-I've played the piano since age 5, I've danced for 5 years. I love classical music, especially by Russian composers, ballet, and Salvador Dali.

-I read a lot and I read all the time. Don't give me a trashy flick or anything not worthy of being dubbed quality literature. I will light it on fire and throw it back at you.

-I am foul-mouthed and dirty-minded, a reckless street urchin. I can also be a classy lady from a snapshot of a Victorian film. I know when to be which.

-I am honest. Sometimes cruelly so, but I've always preferred brutal honesty to sugar-coated niceties. I don't say things to appease people.

My fingers are too cold to keep typing. Besides, F. Scott Fitzgerald is calling to me.


  1. Who needs too much information? Either a blog is good or it isn't. Yours is.

  2. I agree, Avy. And thank you! That means a lot to me, and I really enjoy yours as well.

  3. Well, you must also provide a material for stalkers, right? :)) How would they know where to start from otherwise?

    But indeed, although I merely took a glance at your blog, I must say, it truly is one worthy of following. :-? :D

    See you around.

  4. Interesting...and I hate the modern "punk" bands too...I could fart better punk music than that...


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