Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Stranger's Lamentation


Oh, little girl, where have you left
To go in these harsh fields of snow,

When summer suns no more shed light

To your transparent eyes' dim glow?

When church bells chime like brazen calls

To war, and laughter sounds like rain

That runs in deep, red river tracks,

Like those on your pale cheeks did stain.

Gone, you'll be, into the Netherworlds-

We'll watch you silently

And they will wave their handkerchiefs

And weep while from this earth you flee.

Like swallows through the autumn sky
You'll flee;
like dandelion seeds
Adrift, while we still tread this ground

Our heavy feet, our weighty needs.

But you are safe now, little girl,

Inside your hollow, dry cocoon.

But why won't you take me with you?

Oh, please won't you come take me soon?


  1. Beautiful...I too want to be taken inside that cocoon.

  2. This was a complete joy to read, the words sang with softness.

  3. Needs more extended metaphor <3

  4. It may be nitpicky, but the last line of the second stanza doesn't really make sense grammatically. Perhaps replace "on" with "that" or "which"?


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