Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sick-Day Thoughts

-As much of a coffee junkie that I am, I will say this admittedly: Coffee is an ego booster.
It symbolizes either a) a refined and cultured individual (if you're European), or b) a driven, fast-paced person (if you're American), or c) an addict (if you really are a caffeine addict). But see, what I've found in my life so far is that people usually drink coffee to give the impression that they're in categories a or b, whether they really are or not. It just feels good to walk into public with a cup of Starbucks in your hand, which is why a lot of people do it.

-I have immense respect for people who can write quality free-verse poetry. It gives me a kick when I log onto a site and end up reading something like this:
"The fire of love
burns through my soul

Don't get me wrong- I'm no great shake at writing free-verse either, which is why I avoid it. Besides, I think rhymed and metered poetry sounds better. I usually associate those who write free-verse with those who are too lazy to bother rhyming and metering their poetry, because it's pretty hard. But there are some people who can make their free-verse sound like music, and those are the people I really envy. There are quite of few of these people on the blogosphere, I've found.

-I can't, for the life of me, understand the American desire to get tan. There are lots of things about American culture that I don't understand, but that's probably one of the tops on the list. What on earth are people thinking when they lay out in the sun with tanning oil for hours and hours to return home in pain, crispy burnt, and with a 70% higher chance of getting cancer? To what purpose?! To look browner in their youth, and more wrinkled and saggy in their old age?
Let me redefine insanity for you here.....

-Speaking of America.... I love when vehement socialism-haters don't realize that America has been exhibiting so much socialist behavior for a very long time already. For example, college tuition-
wait, I'm not even going to get into that. I'm too busy/sick to spend time on a political-economic rant.


  1. Interesting post :)

    I agree with you on the coffee idea, although I do think I have an actual caffeine addiction. I kind of wish I didn't...but, there you go. I also concur on your admiration for people who can write lyrical, free-verse poetry, it shows supreme natural talent. As for American culture? It always has and, I fear, always will baffle me, though I do love certain aspects of it :)

  2. Americans need to be tan to hide the cellulite they get from the incredibly fat ridden and preservative stuff that we call food :D

    Coffee is an icon, I agree. And it is damn delicious ha ha.


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