Monday, April 12, 2010

I Want to Sink Your Swagger.

Yes, you.

You with the fiery, constant laugh, with that air about you that screams Yes! My life is handed to me on a solid gold platter and it's great!

It's interesting how I used to be jealous of people like you. I've never really been much of a jealous person, but man, did I used to be jealous of people like you.

The people who wake up on the sunny side of town everyday and use a megaphone to broadcast it to those who don't. The people who have cocktail parties for Christmas, who get presents on every holiday and have their parents hide eggs for them on Easter, the people who have easygoing, happy lives full of happy friends and happy family and drift swiftly with the current.

I'm not jealous anymore. Nowhere close. What reason would I have to envy you-

you whose innocent smile shows that you've never known what it's like to fight your hardest and still lose,
you who never had to beat against the current for anything,
never been shoved on the front lines without mommy and daddy there to take blows for you,
you who are not capable of being alone because you've never been before,
with a perfect, glass bubble molded around you by other people because they think they're doing what's best for you,

you, skipping through life convinced that your happiness grants you some god-given immunity to everything else that either you don't see or you've chosen not to look at.

Well, Little Miss Sunshine, let me tell you something:
There's a big, cruel world out there waiting to destroy people just like you.
You don't have to believe me, because maybe you'll get away. But what if you don't?

If you think your life is perfect, then you're not thinking very hard.

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