Thursday, March 10, 2011

a hypnic jerk

"stay. stay. the night is cold."
"i'm a beast, my dear. why do you not understand?"
"it's so cold."
"but you're so bright. your skin. like the moon."
"where is your bathroom?"
"it is there, my dear. at the end of the Euphrades. do you see it?"
"i cannot swim. what am i to do?"
"i'll give you a push and you can float to it."
"it burns, it burns. please make it stop."
"just focus on this. my touch."
"why is this echoing? i'm not in a cave."
"what color is the grass?"
"the grass is black."
"you sacrilegious filth. you have no faith."
"rome. london. berlin. amsterdam."
"you are forgetting one. there is one more. what is it?"
"i might have to crawl on my knees to get there."
"you certainly can't afford a ticket. not with libya like it is."
"maybe i wouldn't have left if you didn't call me by her name."
"but i'm a beast, my dear. why don't you understand?"
"I can't hear you. the wind is screaming tonight."
"hurry up, we have no time."
"why is my telephone ringing? no no no no..."
"all i have is coal. but i can feed it to you slowly."
"not this again. not you again."

"please. leave me alone."

"just for tonight."

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  1. I really find this one tragically beautiful for some reason. I love how you wrote it, just dialect but the format is really lovely.


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