Saturday, May 29, 2010


Bittersweet days: highly anticipated before its arrival,
deeply resented upon its arrival.

Bittersweet tastes like those goodbye melodies that linger on our tongues,
the I'll-see-you-soons and good lucks,

our tongues like the tears that run silently into our mouths,
our hearts like that sudden realization we all knew would arrive.

Because bittersweet means hard goodbyes
but at the same time
joy and deep gratefulness that we have people in our lives that are so hard to say goodbye to.
Bittersweet means facing the final arrival of an anticipated and planned day
but at the same time
meeting a new anticipation of many more unplanned days.

Bittersweet is the feeling of being finished and the feeling of just starting
of fear
and excitement
and deep sorrow
and grand elation
mingled together into one tumultuous tumble

of a day we won't forget.


  1. Congratulations on graduating!

  2. oohhh you graduated? Congrats!!
    I can't wait until I graduate!!

  3. You graduated? Awesome! Congratulations :-)

  4. Miss,
    Hello again. I must apologize for the long absence. Your title is what prompted me to comment. I too just posted a poem entitled "She is Bittersweet". Perhaps this is the summer for bittersweet memories and anticipations.

    Kind Wishes


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